At Alley Connoisseur, we are captivated by the underutilized voids that are tucked between the frequently traversed parts of the urban landscape. We believe that alleys remain integral to improving ultra-local transportation and decreasing the environmental footprint of high-density urban areas. Bringing attention to these urban voids inspires others to take a sensible approach to space utilization, which can help integrate hyper-local communities in a world that’s becoming increasingly globalised. Discovering urban unspace is also about nourishing one’s curiosity and sense of civic ownership while taking note of areas that are devoid of kinetic energy.

If you’re a member of the Un-Space Exploration Committee or a fellow urban explorer, hit us up with a message. We’re looking for hot tips on alley locations, photos, artwork, and salacious correspondence written by John Cheever. Please check out our Facebook page under the “contact” tab for alley-related updates, and you can also pick up a copy of the Alley Connoisseur zine in Chicago at Quimby’s Bookstore and Saki.

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